Meet the Palmer Family

Rob and Tami and their 3 children, Jaycee, Haley, and Riley reside just outside of Nanton, Alberta. Both Rob and Tami are fourth- generation ranchers, so raising cattle is not new to them at all. The whole family enjoys horses and compete in the Alberta Reined Cowhorse Association events. As well, the kids compete in the local rodeos and gymkhanas. They also raise a few AQHA horses, mainly for cowhorse, cutting and ranch horses and occasionally have some for sale.

Rob grew up in Millarville, Alberta in the purebred cattle business with his family being active in the Gelbvieh, Limousin and the Welsh Black Associations. Interestingly, Rob's family brought the first Welsh Black bull from the United States to Canada; his name was Washoe Reno Brenin, or his barn name Othello (pictured on the left). Coincidentally, 25 years later, after much research, that was the breed we chose to go with to start our grass-fed program.

Tami grew up west of Nanton, Alberta, near Chain Lakes, where her family was commercial cow/calf producers. She was always very involved with the cattle and very interested in the cattle and the majority of her time was spent on horseback checking the cows. Our journey towards raising grass-fed beef grew out of a need. When we moved to Nanton, we had friends ask if we ever had any extra meat, then those friends told their friends and it all started from there.

There are many people who are concerned about the conditions that traditional feedlot cattle are raised under, what they are fed and what effect that has on their health. These people want to know how the animals are raised. We've always been very health conscious and tried to support local producers when we could. The more research I did, the more I found out how much healthier grass raised and finished beef was for everyone. Once I discovered this, I did a bunch more research and reading to find what breed and type of cattle fattened best on grass, and was relatively available to us. That is how we decided on the Welsh Black breed.

I decided, I want to do this, and here we are,in pursuit of raising a healthy product for you that is environmentally, and socially conscious!