Our Philosophy: Raising beef - grass finishing them from birth to your table for the best eating experience.

The truth is, cattle were meant to eat grass, not barley or corn. For cattle to stay alive on grain, they must be put on a specific ration to include various supplements as well as constant antibiotics. The high grain content in a feedlot animal's diet results in a lower ph (an acidic ph) in that animal's stomach. The antibiotics are necessary to prevent various diseases and infections that result from the acidic ph level in the rumen.

Cattle came to eating a predominantly grain based diet following WWII and the public demand for cheap food. When the war ended, chemical companies in search of new markets, focused on agriculture when the public demanded cheap food. With the help of subsidies, grain could be produced and fed to cattle at less than the cost to produce it. Hence cattle were transported to overcrowded feedlots, fed high grain diets and growth hormones to fatten faster and cheaper than on grass.

We realize that this conventional method does not make a healthy animal for consumption. Therefore, we are trying to imitate what God had planned for us when He created the planet: cattle were to eat grass, and fatten on grass so that the meat would be healthy and beneficial for us to consume.

Our philosophy is what I would like to call, "beyond organic". No hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products, excessive use of vaccines or grain. (If an animal has to be treated with antibiotics, it is marked and sold through the conventional system.) We are not certified organic because of the time and cost of certification, which adds an extra cost to our product. We go a step beyond organic and follow the organic protocol, but in addition we do not feed our animals any grain at all, which some organic producers do. As well we have a very limited vaccination protocol.

Calves arrive in May and June, along with Mother Nature, and are raised with their mothers and rotationally grazed on good quality grasses and legumes to maximize their weight gain, tenderness and flavour. Calves are ID tagged at birth and bull calves are ringed instead of knife castrated, and at about 2 months of age the calves are given their 8-way vaccination to protect against certain fatal diseases prevalent in our area. In everything we do we strive to minimize stress in the animals; therefore, we have quit branding the calves and in the fall the calves are fencelined weaned in a familiar pen/field. They are weaned onto top quality hay with access to free choice natural salt and mineral tubs.

Your beef comes from a place where the animals are respected and taken care of. Stress free cattle, born on stockpiled pasture, in sync with nature, free to graze and roam, socialize with other cattle, bask in the sunshine with access to fresh water at all times is the result.

We are looking to provide a product to people who care about where their food comes from and how it is raised.